There is a new trend that is taking over Instagram by storm, and that is quiz effects built using Spark AR Studio! People are going wild over playing a game of roulette with various themes from “What’s your favorite Disney character?” to “What will the new year bring me?”. Brands are catching on to the excitement and are beginning to build their own versions for their audiences on Facebook and Instagram to join in on the fun.

One company using this new viral trend to their surprise and delight their followers is Delta. Delta partnered with a Spark AR Studio Creator to create an effect that randomly selected a location from one of the many cities that Delta flies. They promoted the effect on their social media accounts and encouraged followers to join in on the fun at the start of the new year. With over 990K followers on the @Delta Instagram account, their effect took off!

What happened next was marketing genius. Delta randomly selected 5 of their followers who used and shared the effects on Instagram while also tagging them and granted their 2020 destination wish. Congratulations to @thebiyahebros, @stephemccoy, @rachelhelenv, @jaylawyu, and @lifeofthespirited1 Effects on Instagram are becoming a new way to engage with existing followers and fans while also bringing in new audiences who may not be as familiar with the brand.

At UpLevel we are excited to take these trends and help you develop a marketing strategy around how you can engage with your audience more. Reach out to us on our Contact Us page and let’s make something new and exciting happen with augmented reality on Instagram.