Spark AR effects can be anchored to static images, logos, signs, pictures — nearly any flat surface in the real world. This allows you to simply point the Facebook or Instagram camera at a target image and trigger an AR effect.

How Are Brands Using This?

Brands are leveraging AR knew new ways to supplement their new and existing marketing efforts as well as bring new tech into their spaces. This is allowing them to offer additional content to their existing audiences, while also engaging new generations on the social media platforms that they care about. A few big brands doing this today are NBC Universal, Starbucks, Refinery 29, adidas, and Tate Britain. Below are pictures and short descriptions of the amazing work being done today. Each is changing the way we connect and interact with brands on a daily basis.

NBC Universal

Short description of the Jurassic World effects

NBC Universal Jurassic World World AR Effect on a Walmart store display


This past holiday season Starbucks activated their notorious Holiday Cups with augmented reality through Spark AR. Starbucks partnered with Instagram to take this moment that they have with their consumers worldwide and create a moment of joy with their consumers during the holiday season. Read more about this activation in our Starbucks Holiday Cups post.

Starbucks Holiday Cups AR Instagram Campaign


Refinery29 launched a Spark AR partnership with Instagram at 29Rooms, their immersive festival of culture, cause, and creativity in LA and NYC. Spark AR had 3 dedicated rooms featuring 9 unique AR experiences. Guests were invited to explore the relationship between the physical and digital worlds as they follow an evolving narrative that find representation in both worlds. They enabled this experience with the new Target Recognition in Instagram, allowing guests to have a seamless experience with one entry-point to an AR effect capable of recognizing and tracking all targets.

Refinery29’s 29 Rooms LA & NYC Instagram Effect


Shoppers at the new adidas flagship store in London can unlock AR experiences and bring the stories behind adidas product innovations to life. Innovation and creativity is at the heart of adidas product design, and increasingly, in the way they bring their latest products to market. With Spark AR, adidas bridges the physical and digital to help customers understand these cutting-edge offerings in a tangible way.

Professional esports player Ninja at the adidas London Instagram Effect

Tate Britain

Facebook in partnership with Tate Britain launched their first “Virtual Wing” experience with the Tate Britain in London. Tate was particularly excited about the opportunity to engage a younger, more diverse audience by reframing works in the public domain through a modern lens. These augmented experiences allow visitors the ability to look on familiar pieces with more depth, context, story, and background than ever before.

How Can You Do This To?

At UpLevel, we pride ourselves in staying up to date on the latest trends in augmented reality. We’re happy to arrange a time to sit down with you, hear your ideas, and put together a plan to help you connect on a new personal level with your audiences. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at contact@uplevel.llc or on our Contact Us page with a short description of what you’re trying to accomplish.